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Enjoy Greater Variety - Building Surveyor - Midlands

Enjoy Greater Variety - Building Surveyor - Midlands

If you run a search on google for most repetitive job roles, frozen pea tester is top of the list; Bookmark string tester being a close second...

Now I don't think there are many of you in my connections with those particular expertise, however, I'm sure there are a number of building surveyors that are not enjoying a broad range of instructions and finding your role quite repetitive.

I would suggest this building consultancy based in central Birmingham.

They have a diverse range of clients and assignments and their offices are spread right across the UK. Recently opening a new workstream in their Birmingham office, they are looking for an adventurous and ambitious Building Surveyor who is perhaps at another consultancy struggling for variety or has reasonable experience but not had any indication that they will be stepping up to a senior position any time soon.

Preference would be for a Chartered Building Surveyor; however, I am happy to hear from anyone with part of their diary completed. Independent working and initiative when it comes to both their current workstream as well as new business is a must.

To hear more, please contact me on 0161 607 5437




+44 (0)161 6075437

Enjoy Greater Variety - Building Surveyor - Midlands

Birmingham, UK
Qualified / Chartered

Published on 17 Sep 2019