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APC advice: Part 4 – conclusion

The final meeting before the candidate goes forward for assessment is the last opportunity to formally record the final stages of the APC process. The RICS training adviser says it is important that the supervisor and counsellor maintain their commitment
Written on 8/21/09

Supervisors and counsellors to keep developing the following:

Competency testing

Develop a range of technical questions to test a candidate’s knowledge, competency and ability. There is a wealth of material available from the candidate’s documentation, and counsellors and supervisors should identify the areas of perceived weakness.

It is a good idea to question a candidate in the same way an assessor would. Focus on the candidate’s declared competencies and real-life experiences.

Rules of conduct

The rules of conduct have changed.
There is now a new guidance note, which I helped the RICS develop, to ensure candidates, supervisors and counsellors are focused and aware of how the RICS is going to assess rules of conduct at the assessment interview. Download the guidance note at, and the new rules of conduct at

Final assessment presentation

Keep making the opportunities, every week, for the candidate to practice their presentation, which must be based on the whole or part of their submitted critical analysis.

Practice delivery styles and maintain a good level of competence in the content of the critical analysis. Remember that there will be a requirement to fit the whole presentation into the allotted time of 10 minutes.

The pre-submission documents

I always advise candidates in the last few weeks to read and reread the documentation they have pre-submitted.

These documents offer an assessor a wide array of information. Most importantly, keep the candidate focused and motivated. There are only a few weeks left before the final assessment and, very soon, they will be knocking on the door of the assessment panel with the intention of achieving the final stage of this process.

See the candidate companion, which details the latest changes to the APC process, the new templates and suggested examples of how to complete the final assessment documentation DeLever.

Jon Lever is managing director of DeLever, APC chairman of assessors, RICS training adviser and RICS licensed assessor trainer. DeLever produces APC resources, training and software.

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