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APC advice: Final assessment

This is the last but most critical portion of the APC process. The APC chairman of assessors and chair of DeLever breaks it down and looks at its simplest terms
Written on 8/21/09


The candidate must locate the RICS reception and book in around 10 to 15 minutes before the allotted assessment time. Each candidate will be given a specific panel number and directed to the waiting room.

Waiting room

All candidates will be ushered into the waiting room and RICS staff will brief candidates on the process and general administration.

Interview room

All candidates will be invited to go to an interview room. They should match the number on the interview room door to the number they were given at reception. The assessment panel chairman will welcome the candidate into the room and introduce the assessors.


The chairman will put the candidate at ease and explain the process.


The candidate will be asked to begin the assessment by delivering their 10-minute presentation. If the candidate runs over 10 minutes, the chairman is obliged to interrupt the presentation and move the assessment on.

Questioning stage 1

The assessors will question the candidate on their critical analysis and presentation. This generally lasts for around 10 minutes and each assessor will question the candidate.

Questioning stage 2

The assessors test the candidate’s declared competencies and information provided in the presubmission final assessment documentation. This lasts for around 30 minutes and there is equal questioning from each assessor.

Rules of conduct

This final part of the assessment is usually led by the chairman. The candidate will be questioned on the RICS rules of conduct and ethics.
Final stage

On completion of the questioning, the chairman will round up the interview and give the candidate the chance to have the final word.


The chairman concludes the interview after around 60 minutes, informs the candidate that the RICS will confirm the result in 21 days and invites the candidate to return to the RICS reception to sign out and complete various documents.

See the final assessment interview explained: DVD and other online support available at DeLever.

Jon Lever is managing director of DeLever, APC chairman of assessors, RICS training adviser and RICS licensed assessor trainer. DeLever produces APC resources, training and software.

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