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Agency surveyor

Ever wondered what it would be like to train and work as an agency surveyor…
Written on 8/21/09

What is an agency surveyor?

An agency surveyor’s job is to acquire properties for occupiers and leasing them on behalf of landlords and tenants. They will work across the retails, industrial and office markets alongside property researchers to estimate rental values and predict areas of economic/social growth that could impact on the demand for commercial space. The agency surveyor will often work within the tenant representative teams.

Becoming a agency surveyor

A qualification is beneficial though it isn’t completely necessary to be an MRICS to qualify as an agency surveyor. You will need good marketing and sales skills and a network of contacts within tenants and landlords.

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Salary expectations

Salaries range from £32,000 for newly qualified agency surveyor  but partners can expect to earn a basic salary of up to £85,000.

For more information visit the RICS.

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