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1st Friday Club

Interested in networking? The 1st Friday Club brings together young professionals in property to network, socialise and discuss the challenges of the day
Written on 8/21/09

Inspirational, top-level speakers share their experiences and offer professional advice on your future prospects, and create a forum for networking providing new business opportunities and the sharing of best practice.

In 2009, we have teamed up with Young Entrepreneurs in Property (YEP), which represents some of the best young talent the industry has to offer, to bring our members a series of exclusive property networking events across the UK.

YEP London was established in 2002 as a dynamic and exciting forum for young rising stars in all areas of the property industry to network, learn and exchange ideas. To date they have over 1,000 members, including: Developers, Bankers, Surveyors, Agents, Engineers, Accountants and Architects.

Our members are ambitious and passionate and all have an excellent list of contacts. By combining forces we hope to bring the youth of tomorrow together and provide the opportunity for them to promote themselves and their businesses.

Find out more and register at 1st Friday.