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Head of Research - Property Developer - North West

What do you do when you need to buy something expensive, like a TV, car or house? I imagine research will be high on the list (after buying a lottery ticket). Looking into the prices, features, pros and cons of everything about your optional flat screen, 4X4 or bungalow, all of which will help you when making a decision as to whether you should part with your hard earned cash, or wait for something that better suits your needs for the future.

That's what this position is.

A leading property developer would like you to help with the research that's needed for the future of the business. Research around site finding, planning, areas and sectors. Including cities, regions, even countries, and investigating relevant socio-economic factors that will determine whether or not to invest in a particular plot of land or building at this time.

You will even be tasked with looking at researching far more proactively, looking to the future of different areas in property and real estate in order to, not only react to the strategic decisions from the board, but also to be influential in the board meetings. Armed with the research you have done, you will present it to all the Senior Management and Board Members with summaries of your findings to hopefully influence the final strategy ahead of time, rather than retrospectively.

This level of respect and influence means you will be a pivotal member of the senior team, your work valued and you will be given the chance to actually explain the findings to the people that will listen and be able to react. Not all research positions offer this level of impact.

You will ideally be doing something similar for someone else, as is always the way. However if you understand research methods and business, or understand property and real estate, and you want to know more about this opportunity, then give Ed Collins a call to discuss on 0161 607 5084 or apply to this advert.

£55000 - £75000 per annum



+44 (0)161 6075084

Head of Research - Property Developer - North West

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Published on 20 Aug 2019