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APS Consultancy


APS is an independent project management, cost consultancy and building consultancy practice, operating throughout the UK. We have been providing tailored property and construction solutions to our clients since 1994.

We have an in depth knowledge of the property market and construction industry, which allows us to provide considered advice on development strategies, investment potential and risk management and the facilities required for productive workplaces.

APS have an in-depth knowledge of what a property needs to provide in order to ensure productivity of all workplaces, how to adapt for the change of built environments and plan for building strategies, return on investment, long term efficiency and maintainability, productivity of workplaces, adaptability and planning for future strategies from a tenant occupying a space to a wide network of property portfolio.

APS provide a Director led approach for all instructions, with commercial expertise to deliver the best results for each and every client. We pride ourselves in having an efficient and proactive approach, extensive market knowledge and a contact network capable of resourcing all design, technical and legal requirements.

Visit aps-consultancy.uk for more information, or get in contact with is on mail@aps-consultancy.uk

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